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Signature tour
4 Seasons in Switzerland:

Swiss autumn is very diverse: while somewhere in the mountains you can still walk in a T-shirt or sunbathe on lake shores, some regions could be already covered with snow.

One thing remains the same: Switzerland in autumn offers you unforgettable experience and we are ready to share it with you in this Tour!

Day 1, J'adore Jet d'Eau!
We meet in Geneva airport.
Let the world's smallest metropolis Geneva open its beauty to you with its old town, 140-metre-high "Jet D'eau", numerous international organisations and large flower clock. Once first impression is made, we meet for our welcome dinner, where we get to know each other better and discuss all the details of our upcoming autumn adventures.
P.S. For those who want to get a closer look at Geneva, there is an option of 1-2 extra nights in town (see option “upgrade my tour”).
Day 2, In vino veritas
Geneva - Lavaux - Zermatt
Today we start with visit to the famous wine-growing region & a UNESCO Heritage Site. The Lavaux Wine Terraces offer the most fascinating panoramas in the world. Here we have a peaceful walk along the picturesque vinyards to the winemaker family of several generations. At their winery we learn how the local winemakers live and work, what makes the Lavaux wines special, and what they taste like.
After a wine-tasting we head to the most famous mountain in the country and its symbol - Matterhorn, located in Zermatt. On the way you will have a chance to nap or enjoy a bosom of high and scenic mountains.

Day 3, Matterhorn vibes
Zermatt resort is very famous among tourists for its long, wide and well maintaned ski slopes. But not everyone knows that Zermatt is also a home to some of the most picturesque hiking trails. That's what we're going to do today. Prepare for some sport activities that will be more than rewarded with stunning views of the Matterhorn and a delicious lunch.
Day 4, From white peaks to emerald waters
Zermatt - Lötschberg - Blausee - Seeland
What do you think about traveling by car on a train? It sounds contradictory, but it is real and actually very practical. We will take this fascinating journey through the mountains to reach the crystal clear waters of one of Switzerland's most famous mountain lake, which takes its source in underground springs. Here is also a trout farm that will take care today of our freshly caught lunch.
After satiating ourselves with the aesthetic beauty of nature park and the catch of the day, we head to the Lakeland of Switzerland.
Day 5, Medieval pearls of "Seeland"
Today we will dedicate the day to charming medieval Swiss villages, which cherish about 800 years of history and secrets. Dive into the past of Switzerland surrounded by waters of 3 lakes of Seeland.
Day 6, Art of Basel
The Switzerland's cultural center and the university city welcomes you today with its old town, small boutiques, antique bookstores, nearly 40 museums, theaters and the majestic Rein river.
We make a city tour, visit some very special museums and in the afternoon you can take advantage of Basel's proximity to France and head to Alsace region and especially Colmar village.

P.S. Check out “upgrade my tour” for more information on additional evening excursion to Colmar.

Day 7, Make your own day
We leave the program of the day to you. Today you can shoose to stay and explore the sights of the old city, do souvenir or art shopping in local artisanal boutiques. Our travel assistants will help you to plan the day. Check out “upgrade my tour” for the options.
We wrap up the day at the dinner table with the friends we've become this week
Day 8, Time to say: "see you again"
We believe that an end is always a beginning of something new. So now, as we say goodbye to you and begin to prepare for a new experince with you - Winter tour in Switzerland.
This Signature Tour:
starts every Sunday
from 01. September until 31. October
costs CHF 3'550.- /per person in DBL
lasts 8 days & 7 nights
speaks English
includes accommodation in 4-5* or boutique hotels on B&B basis, meals credit (half board) on the program days, city taxes, program activities and transfers
shows Geneva, Lavaux, Zermatt, Blausee, Seeland region, Basel
Upgrade my tour
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