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Magestic Stories
Part 1: Be my guest
My name is Anastasiia and before I met my future partner Olga, worked as manager in a Swiss Touroperator, opened travel agency and created our own Signature tours, I graduated from Glion Institute of higher education which is a hospitality school located on the hill above the clouds with breathtaking views of Lac Leman.
Understanding of how to provide 5* service you can only learn by doing it.
But the real reason of my studies was not the nice Montreux views, but learning what hospitality world is. And I tell you honestly it’s more than just redolent flowers in a lobby, chocolates on bedside tables or pets menu in the room. It’s hard-working employees being a team, coming every day to do their work, staying longer, spreading love on every corner whether you are a cleaning woman making a bed or waitress suggesting your favorite dessert or a receptionist giving a complimentary upgrade. All these little things you can only learn from inside. From the other side of the front desk „bar“. That’s why I chose Front Desk at the Majectic hotel in Barcelona as my place for 6-months internship during my studies…also to improve my Spanish!
According to Leading Hotel of the World Organisation standards, the checkin process should not last longer than 5 minutes
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
The greatest hospitality experience and understanding of how to provide 5* hotel level service you can learn only by doing it. For example, regular hotel guest doesn’t know that according to Leading Hotel of the World Organisation the checkin process should not last longer than 5 minutes.

In those 5 minutes receptionist should:
*mention guests last name 2 times,
*inquire about how the trip to the hotel went,
*scan the passport,
*ask for credit card for extras and remember to us the verb "settle" when talking about payment since it is more neutral,
*give the room key without saying out loud the room number not to violate the privacy,
*call the bellboy to assist the guest with the luggage and if this guest stays in the room of the junior suite category and higher call the guest relations assistant to show the guest the way to the room and briefly orient them in the hotel.

And then hotel guest enters the room and a new part of journey starts, where the guest explores room amenities, cleanliness of the space, opens the wardrobe and checks the hangers, reads the welcome card and bites an apple, steps on the balcony or towards the windows to admire the view, jumps on the bed to check how easy is it to get the Wi-Fi and logs in on Instagram to share with friends how the vacation has started.
there can’t be second first impression
And I tell you, depending on how it started it will continue in the same mood.
If check-in procedure went well, the guest will be one of those who comes to reception to chat, who makes jokes at the restaurant, who wants to try spa treatments or know the hotel history. If the welcome didn’t go that well, watch out every time the guest passes front desk. All clients are different, all people are different, there are so many relations can be build and so many stories can happen. I have my own “Majestic stories” and in our blog I’ll share with you the most exciting of them.