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Corporate Events
When it comes to business, the event is a very powerful tool. With just one properly concepted and organized event, you can increase sales or customer loyalty to your business, stimulate your employees' motivation, and improve your company's image. It is important to hire professionals to do their work. Here are some of the many reasons why you should hire us:
Professional Approach
By organising your private event, we do our job. This means we have knowledge, experience and developped business process.
Consequative following of the goals of your event
Each vent has its own goals. These can be main and supplementary goals. And the achievement of these goals is an indicator of the success of the event. We follow this rule firmly.
A clear and simple budgeting
We work with an open budget, which means we show you the real costs of the event and our fee separately from it. There are no hidden comissions. If we have a discount, it will be yours.
Careful selection of partners
Location, catering, decorations, or music band, we choose carefully, based on your goals and budget. We also pay great attention to the philosophy of our partners: we work only with those who share our and your company values.
Drama is a queen, content is a king (c)
We understand the event as more than just catering. We put a lot of effort into content creation. When we create your event concept, we create a customer journey that everyone at the event will go through from the moment they are notified of the scheduled date to the last step that follows.
We create unique events
Each event concept works only once. That's why when we create your event, we start from the beginning every time, avoiding drafts and clichés.
Some ideas of what we can plan and organise for you:

Company's anniversary

Thank yourself, your employees, your partner, and your customers for the work you've done

Team building

Increase the motivation and collaboratin among your employees


Train your employees or tell your customers about a new product

Marketing events

Promote a new product or increase the loyalty of your customers

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