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Signature tour
Somewhere far away in the Caucasus, on the shores of the Black Sea there is a unique and incredibly beautiful country with amazing people, ancient traditions and delicious cuisine. A country that, due to its geographical location, has suffered repeatedly from wars and robberies, but despite all this has retained its authenticity and the incredible warmth and kindness of its people. Once there, we fell in love with Georgia and created this Signature tour for you.

This Signature Tour:
lasts 8 days & 7 nights
speaks English, German or Russian
includes accommodation in 4-5* or boutique hotels, half board, city taxes, program activities, guides and transfers
shows Kakheti, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Chateau Mukhrani, Uplistsikhe, Mestia, Batumi
price on request
travel dates on request.
Recommended season:
from May to early October
Day 1, Welcome to Georgia
Tbilisi Airport - Kakheti
Once landed at Tbilisi International Airport, we head east. Kakheti is the perfect starting point for your Georgian adventure, as it is the heart and soul of Georgian winemaking - the country's main pride. Here, on the grounds of a historic estate and winery, we will taste Georgian wine for the first time and celebrate the start of our journey with a welcome dinner.
Day 2, Pair your travel with wine
After enjoying a rich breakfast on the sunny terrace of our hotel, we head out to get to know the wine region. We will meet both a small family production and a brand recognized outside Georgia. We will end our wine tour with lunch in a vineyard.
How about a grape seed peeling and a real wine bath? The afternoon is dedicated to a wine spa (yes, that's right, a WINE SPA, we didn't misspell it).
Another highlight is waiting for you in the evening: culinary workshop, where you will learn to cook traditional Georgian meals under the guidance of a hostess of one of the local houses. And of course, we will be able to savor the results of our efforts over a glass of local wine and stories from the life of our hosts.
Day 3, Tbilissimo!
Kakheti - Alaverdi Monastery - Tbilisi
Today we head west towards the capital with a short stop at one of Georgia's most famous and largest temples - Alaverdi Monastery. After arriving in Tbilisi and checking into the hotel, which successfully combines modern Georgian trends with historical heritage, we begin to explore a large metropolis that has not lost its special charm, a city rich in history and unique architecture.
Our walking tour ends with a visit of Sulfur Baths.
Since the times of the Silk Road, all guests entering Tbilisi have been cleansed in sulphur baths. This is how we get to know the city. During the visit to the baths we will be served local cheeses and meats accompanied by a fragant georgian tea.
Day 4, Time travel
Mtskheta - Chateau Mukhrani - Uplistsikhe
Today we will dive into the rich and varied past of Georgia, which hat a lot to tell...
First stop - Mtskheta, very first capital of Georgia where the royal throne was located. Mtskheta is undoubtedly one of the oldest cities in the country.
Next stop - Chateau Mukhrani, which is a symbol of the era of the last kings of Georgia - the Bagrationi royal family. Here is their family estate, vineyards and the winery built on their basis, which is famous for the most exquisite Georgian wines.
The last stop is the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe, one of the most fascinating and unique places in Georgia, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Day 5, Make your own day
Transfer to Mestia by car / flight depending on weather conditions.
After arrival in Mestia we leave the day's program to you. The Svaneti region is an incredibly fascinating region and we want you to be able to dedicate this day to something that is interesting only to you.

Notes: when travelling by car stop at Martvilli Canyon
Day 6, The mountains are calling
Mestia - Svaneti - Mestia
Svaneti region is famous for its amazing nature and numerous cultural monuments. The Svan towers and unique temples combined with majestic mountains and unspoiled nature is an ideal place for hiking. That is exactly what we are going to do today. Pack your backpacks!

Day 7, Sea & the City
Today we head to the western part of beautiful Georgia, to the sea!
On the way we visit the ethno village Sisatura to experience the Megrelian culture and have a light lunch. A little farm gives everyone the chance to play like a farmer by preparing traditional meals, grinding crops, and doing several other tasks.
After we get a chance to discover Batumi: where shimmering sea meets charming city. Let's explore Adjara cuisine, beaches of Black Sea and vibrant culture. Unforgettable moments await us at our final stop - Georgia's coastal gem
Day 8, Nakhvamdis
Batumi-Batumi Airport
Tranfer to the airport and flight back home

Upgrade my tour
Extend your tour
We always leave you the possibility to prolong your journey.
The most recommended night extensions in our opinion are in the following cities:
  • Baku - when finishing tour in Batumi, take a flight to Baku or simply come 1-2 nights before the tour
  • Extra night in Batumi. Take some more time to get to know this vivid city.
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