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The Dolder Grand
20 minutes away from Zurich Airport by car and a short journey from the city centre
The hotel of contrasts
The hotel surprises with its diversity in every details. It doesn't fit in the head how one hotel can be so new and historic, how it can be home for both modern and antique art objects, how it attracts both young Zurich clientele and senior haunters. One thing is definite - the quality of service you get at this 5* city resort hotel from lobby bar to spa treatments.
The cradle of the arts
You may not be art lover, but some of the pieces of art will attract your attention and steal your heart making you come back to The Dolder Grand to have a stroll along the halls and glazing at the art and rare luxury objects put on a display for the hotel guests. Homework for those who plan their stay at The Dolder Grand: try finding here Takashi Murakami and Salvador Dalí's masterpieces.
Spacious SPA
Have your ever heard of Spa Library? or Whirlpool Terrace? Grab your swimming suit, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and immerse in a world of tranquility. For the shy ones, hotel offers separate sauna zones, but also leaves the possibility to explore the spa with your loved ones in the mixed area, where you can try sanarium, steam room or just meet the sunset on the terrace.
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The Dolder Grand for me is a perfect hotel for a weekend getaway. It's so nice to come to your room after a Saturday shopping in Zurich, taking a bath, getting ready for the dinner, having the deepest sleep and waking up on Sunday morning, opening the curtains to see Zurich at a glance, starting your morning with the richest Brunch accompanied by the live DJ-set and heading back home with fully charged batteries. I'd add that if you want to pay a visit to the spa, better plan a two-nights stay then :)
manager we2you
The Dolder Grand is more than a hotel, it's an iconic world. Here you will meet the greatest works of art, such as sculptures by the extraordinary Nicky de Saint Phalle or creations by the brilliant Andy Warhol. You will be impressed by the breathtaking views, the variety of spa offers, the excellent cuisine and the Dolder Grand own great history of events and famous guests.
manager we2you
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