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Grand Hotel Arosa
Sunny resort Arosa, 150 km from Zurich airport (about 2 hours by car).
Ski-in / Ski-out
One of the few hotels in Switzerland, which offers ski-in/ ski-out. The hotel has its own Tschuggen Express cable car to the ski area. Modern 6-seater cabins take hotel guests in less than 4 minutes directly to the hiking and winter sports area.
Fascinating architecture of the wellness center
The 5,000 square meter mountain oasis of Tschuggen Grand Hotel not only captures the eye with its shapes and lighting, but also opens up a new dimension of spatial awareness and comfort, combining nature and geometry, heat, stone, light and water.
Kids friendly
The Tschuggen Kids Club is open daily for hotel guests with children. Here children are professionally supervised and can "blow off steam" both indoors and outdoors. The qualified specialists of the Kids Club take care of all the little guests from the age of 3 years old.
Stylish rooms
The hotel's bright and stylish rooms have been created using the finest materials, you can see it the very moment you enter your room. The spacious rooms combine light and space, shapes and colors, timeless and modern, creating the perfect setting for unforgettable vacation.
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Tschuggen Hotel rightfully contains the word Grand in its name. No matter what you look at: all is spacious, spellbinding, unique and filled with so much meaning.
manager we2you
I was incredibly fascinated by the Tschuggen Express: it was like being in an amusement park for a few minutes. Live music in the evening in the hotel lobby bar creates a magical atmosphere. The ethereal sails of the wellness center with night illumination are unforgettable.
manager we2you
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